HYDER Standing-on Electric Reach Truck 1.5TON-2.5TON

Designed for High racks,and narrow working asile

1. HTF15-HTF25

2. Load Capacity: 1.5T-2.5T

3. Lifting height: 3-10m

4. Power type: all-electric

5. Driving mode: standing driving

6. Meet the high shelf, medium storage density, high turnover conditions

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Features of this CE-certificated Reach Forklift Truck


1, American Curtis controller, more stable and safer;

2. AC drive motor, lower energy consumption, save maintenance costs;

3. brand battery, long life.

4. brand accessories such as Shimadsu pump valve, NOK brand oil seal and NSK brand bearings;

5. EPS electric power steering, more easy to operate and comfortable

6. ergonomic design: easy to operate valve stem and multi-functional intelligent instrument;

7. with the function of speed limit turning, turning automatic deceleration, effectively protect the safety of goods and operators

8. small body size, with small turning radius and right Angle stacking channel


Parameters of this High-Quality Reach Forklift Truck


Manufacturer   HYDER
Model   HTF15 HTF20 HTF25
Power unit   battery
Operation   stand-on
Load capacity Q(kg) 1500 2000 2500
Load center C(mm) 500
Tires tipe front/rear   solid PU/solid PU
Tire no. front/rear(X=driving)   2 / 1X / 2
Mast forward/backward a/β(。) 3/5
Lifting height h1(mm) 3000
Free lift height h2(mm) 100
lowest height h3(mm) 2085
Highest height when lift h4(mm) 3920
Highest of head guard h5(mm) 2320
Total length l1(mm) 2284 2472 2472
Reach distance l2(mm) 560 685 685
Wheelbase y(mm) 1350 1700 1700
Total width b1/b2(mm) 1098 1258 1258
Fork size l/e/s(mm) 1070X 100X35 1070X 100X45 1070X 100X45
Fork width(outside) b5(mm) 220〜662 247〜780 247〜780
Turning radius pedal(unfold/fold) Wa(mm) 1607 1965 1965
Gradeability(S25) % <10 <10 <10
Driving moter type   AC AC AC
Lifting motor type   DC DC DC
Battery voltage/capacity V/A 48/300 48/400 48/420
Service weight kg 2370 2900 2960
Steering type   all-hydraulic
Paking type   mechanical
Parking operating   releasing speed pedal


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