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CE approved Hyder Self -loading Stacker

This self loading stacker series is designed to help load heavy pallets onto van or trucks. As an alternative solution to liftgates or truck ramp, this series forklift will be portable and economical solurion to most delivery works. We have solutions for both open deck pallets and closed pallerts. 1. One man to handle lifting and transportation, free you from heavy duty work and back injuries; 2. Complet vehicle independence, raplacing liftgates, ramps, hoists &coventional pallet jacks; 3. 1000lb to 2200lb heavy pallets lifting, improving your delivery efficency; 4. Lead acid battery and lithium battery available for different work shifts; 5. CE approved quality and OEM/ODM support for your market.

Quality Control

Quality Management, Ensure The Consistency Of Product And Service,we are thoroughly committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.



Laser cutting for straight and perfect weilding. Single arm mast we used is more compact and stable. Pump directly connected truck and mast ensures the durability and stable performance.



Plastic modularized cover ensures the light weight and beatiful shape. We can also help design and make cover based on your brand and market preference.



Drive wheels with motors, full protection of all wires and connection to make sure the safety of machine.



Rema handlebar integrates the function of lifting,driving,and horn with battery capacity indicator.Workers can know everydetail on the handlebar.

Why Hyder?


Hyder forklifts has been focusing on developing, manufacturing and exporting Self loading stacker series since 2017. As the first one who produce this stacker in China and supplying abroad, we have been decicated to listen to customers’ feedback, making improvements and providing solutions to delivery difficulties.

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Lyla Rosen

“We are looking some alternative solutions for delivery trucks.Hyder is really suupportive.”

Chief Product Officer, Mico

Customers From Italy

Alisia Dersler

" Hyder self-lifting stacker is the most efficient model. We chose the fully electric mode which is better even I can handle that.”

Head of Design, DimenXen


Ryan Fry

Our clients are very impress with those full electric models! They are quality and efficient!

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