HYDER 1000kgs Full Electric Self Loading Stacker


1. Model : HSLF1000

2. Max load capacity: 1000kg

3. Lifting height:800mm,1000mm, 1300mm and 1600mm

4. Type of operation: electric in driving and lifting

5. Battery:  48V 15Ah Lithium (20Ah as option)

6. Charging time:  5hours

7. Working time : 40work cycles for 15Ah/50work cycles for 20Ah(load/unload to/from truck with cargo+60m driving distance we called 1 work cycle)

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Why do We suggest Full Electric Self lifting Stacker HSLF1000?


>HSLF1000 helps address Covid-19 related delivery issues by turning a two-person job into one and reducing your workforce needs.


> Reduces employee fatigue, workplace injuries, and employee turnover; improves delivery efficiency. Simply control it's forward and backward by scrolls. Self-propelled machine is more convenient


> Replaces liftgates, ramps, hoists & conventional pallet jacks


> Unlike forklifts, HSLS & HSLF series can go into the delivery truck, protected from the elements


> Battery powered; charges en route or at your facility


> Can be operated by anyone, expanding your potential delivery workforce.  The HSLF model is easier for women workers.




1 Standard    
1.2 Name   1000kgs full electric self-lift stacker
1.3 Power unit   battery
1.4 Operation   walkie
1.5 Load capality Q (kg) 1000
1.6 Load center C (mm) 400
1.7 Fork outside spacing W3 (mm) 565/685
1.8 Fork length L2 (mm) 1295/1195
2 Tire    
2.1 Tire type front/rear PU/Nylon
2.2 Tire no. Driving wheel/Bearing wheel/middle wheel/balanced wheel/ pcs 1/4/2/2
2.3 Driving wheel mm Φ250×70
2.4 Front wheel mm φ80×60
2.5 Middle wheel mm Φ65×30
2.6 Universal wheel mm Φ40×36
3 Dimension    
3.1 Lift height H (mm) 800/1000/1300/1600
3.2 Height in Lowerd Position H1 (mm) 1166/1366/1666/1966
3.3 Height in highest Position H2 (mm) 1850/2250/2850/3450
3.4 Fork height above ground H3 (mm) 81
3.5 wheelbase L0 (mm) 974
3.6 Total Length L1 (mm) 1750/1650
3.7 Middle Wheel Position L4 (mm) 172
3.8 Length of Outriggers L3 (mm) 771
3.9 Body thickness L6 (mm) 409
3.10 Overall Width W (mm) 700/780
3.11 Wheel tread Front W1 (mm) 400/518
3.12 Width of Fork B2 (mm) 193/253
3.13 Thickness of Fork B1 (mm) 60
3.14 Min. turning radius Wa (mm) 1173
4 Performance    
4.1 Max driving speed (Turtle /full load) km/h 1.0/3.5
4.2 Gradeability(full load/unload) % 5/10
5 Electric Configuration    
5.1 Lifting/Descent speed mm/s 55/100
5.2 Drive motor/Lift motor kw DC0.6/DC1.6
5.3 Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 48/15 Li-ion(20Ah as option)
6 Weight    
6.1 Battery weight kg 5(8 for 20Ah)
6.2 Service weight kg 340/348/356/365


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