HYDER 1000kgs Semi Electric Self Loading Stacker

electric powered lifting 1000kg

1. Model : HSLS1000

2. Max load capacity: 1000kg

3. Lifting height:800mm,1000mm and 1300mm

4. Type of operation:Manual in driving and electric in lifting

5. Battery:  12V 45Ah Lead acid

6. Charging time:  8hours

7. Working time : 20times.

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The HSLS1000 Self Loading Stacker has been designed, developed, and built to give outstanding long service with minimum maintenance required within industry and commerce. A sound long-term investment!

The Self-Loading Stacker is an innovative and unique choice for the delivery of goods thus meaning one product can replace your Tail-lift hand pallet truck, stacker, ramp and swing lift. It is easy and quick to transport as can load itself into a van, pick-up, lorry, or trailer (with or without a load on the forks) to eliminate reloading problems at your destination.

The Self Loader also has a high-performance pump unit that provides fast and stable lift together with low noise and can travel with the vehicle to serve different purposes.

1 Standard    
1.2 Name   semi electric stacker
1.3 Power unit   battery
1.4 Operation   walkie
1.5 Load capality (kg) 1000
1.6 Load center (mm) 400
1.7 Front wheel tread (mm) 398
1.8 Rear wheel tread (mm) 708
1.9 Weelbase (mm) 787
2 Tire    
2.1 Tire type front/rear PU
2.2 Front wheel mm φ70×60
2.3 Universal wheel mm φ100×50
2.4 Middle wheel mm Φ65×30
3 Dimension    
3.1 Lift height (mm) 1300
3.2 Height in Lowerd Position (mm) 1666
3.3 Total Length (mm) 1544
3.4 Leg length (mm) 780
3.5 Total Width (mm) 835
3.6 Fork outside spacing (mm) 563
3.7 Fork length (mm) 1150
3.8 Fork width (mm) 192.5
3.9 Fork thickness (mm) 60
4 Performance&Configuration    
4.1 Lift motor kw DC1.6
4.2 Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 12/45 Lead  acid
4.3 Lift/lower speed mm/s 82/66
5 Weight    
5.1 Battery weight kg 13.5
5.2 Service weight kg 305

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