HYDER 1000kgs Semi Electric Self Loading Stacker

1000kg semi electric powered self lifting stacker

1. Model : HSLS1000

2. Max load capacity: 1000kg

3. Lifting height:800mm,1000mm,1300mm and 1600mm 

4. Type of operation:Manual in driving and electric in lifting

5. Battery:  12V45Ah Lead acid&Charger 12V8A

6. Charging time:  8hours

7. Working time : 40work cycles(load and unload with cargo we called 1 cycle)

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The HSLS1000 Self Loading Stacker is semi electric powered, which means it is electric powered for its lifting only.

With this machine, you can easily handle 1000kg heavy pallets and load them onto your delivery truck.

However, we must consider its total weight when we move it. It is normally more useful on flat ground. If there is slop or rough ground, it would be challenging to move a 1300kg machine manually with such small wheels. 

The wheels of this stacker is small and PU/Nylon material that is better to work on a flat floor. You can also use it as replacement if your pallets is always less than 1000kg.


For heavy pallet of 1000kgs,our HSLF1000 full electric self lifting stacker is prefered which is more easier for operation.