Hyder 500kgs Semi Electric Self Loading Stacker


1. Model: HSLS500

2. Max load capacity: 500kg

3. Lifting height:800mm,1000mm, 1300mm and 1600mm

4. Type of operation: Manual in driving and electric in lifting

5. Battery:  12V45Ah Lead-acid

6. Charging time: 7-8hours

7. Working time: 50work cycles(load and unload with load called 1 cycle)

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The Self-Loading Stacker is an innovative and unique choice for the delivery of goods thus meaning one product can replace your Tail-lift hand pallet truck, stacker, ramp. It is easy and quick to transport as can load itself into a van, pick-up, lorry, or trailer (with or without a load on the forks) to eliminate reloading problems at your destination.


The semi-electric model is the most economical solution to handle and lift heavy pallets of 500kg.


1 Model - HSLS500
2 Type of Power   Battery
3 Type Operation - Driving Manually, Lifting Eletrically 
4 Max Capacity Q (kg) 500
5 Load Center C (mm) 400
6 Wheelbase L0 (mm) 815
7 Front wheel distance W1 (mm) 380
8 Rear wheel distance W2 (mm) 665
9 Weight including battery Kg 214/223/240/260
10 Min Turning radius Wa (mm) 1070
11 Min Fork Height H2 (mm) 85
12 Max Lift Height H (mm) 800/1000/1300/1600
13 Overall height fork lowered H1 (mm) 1150/1297/1597/1897
14 Overall height fork raised H4(mm) 1870/2270/2870/3470
15 Total Length L1 (mm) 1570
16 Total Width  W (mm) 786
17 Fork Length L2 (mm) 1150
18 Width of Fork B2 (mm) 155
19 Thickness of fork B1 (mm) 60
20 Length of supporting leg L3 (mm) 746
21 External Distance Between Forks W3 (mm) 535
22 Material of Wheels (mm) Nylon
23 Front wheel size (mm) Φ70x60
24 Middle wheels size (mm) Φ45x26
25 Universal wheel size (mm) Φ100x45
26 Brake Type - Mechanical
27 Lift Speed mm/s 55
28 Descent Speed mm/s 80
29 Motor Power Lifting Kw DC0.8
30 Battery Voltage/Nominal Capacity  V/Ah 12/45 lead acid
31 Battery weight kg 13.5
32 Battery Charger  - YES



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