HYDER Intelligent Lithium Pallet Truck 2000kg


  • Capacity: 2ton
  • Max lifting height 195mm;
  • Fork size: 550mm/680mm for European market and American market;
  • Battery capacity: 45V 15Ah lithium battery;
  • Working time: 3-3.5hours
  • Charging hours : 2-3hours
  • Package: 2 units in pallet: 1.5CBM/ 280KG

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Features of Lithium Pallet Truck

1, Chinese famous brand controller,stable performance and easy maintenance;

2, 48V 800W DC brushless driving motor,maintain free, strong power and low energy sonsumption;

3, 48V/15Ah large capacity lithium battery, can work continuously for 3 hours, full recharged only need 2.5 hrs. Fast battery replacement and longer life time; 

4, Ergonimic control panel with keyless access and LCD screen with status indication; Soft grips for high comfort; 

5, 190mm big Pu driving wheel make the truck more stable when moving;high gradeablity; 

6, Full enclosed drive wheel cover , gives all-round foot protection for operator;

7, Emergency button and emergency reverse function, safe to operate;

8, Tiller work in upright position with slow speed mode, especially suitable for the narrow area;

9, High-quality oil pump, imported sealing ring, refuse oil leakage;

10.Light bodyweight and compact body; Small turning radius, energy and labor-saving,more efficient  than manual pallet truck; 

1 Manufacturer                        HYDER 
2 Model    EPT20E
3 power type   FULL ELECTRIC
4 operation   Walkie
5 load capacity Q(kg) 2000
6 loading center C(mm) 600
7 Wheels base mm 1220
8 service weight(including lithium battery) kg 138
9 wheel type   Polyurethane(PU)
10 driving wheel,number x w(mm) ø190*70/1
11 front wheel,number x w(mm) ø80*70/4
12 overall length l1(mm) 1540
13 Overall width b(mm) 560/680
14 fork lifting height h1(mm) 85-195
15 the handle height from ground(max) h3(mm) 1200
16 Height of body h4(mm) 560
17 Fork height at lowest point h(mm) 85
18 Fork dimensions  mm 560*1150/680*1220
19 Ground clearance mm 30
20 Min. Right-angle stack channel width,
(pallet size 1000X1200, 1200 placed along
cargo fork
mm 1500
21 Turning radius R(mm) 1350
22 Driving speed ( with /without load) km/h 4.5
23 Lifting speed (with /without load) mm/s 22/17
24 Lowering speed (with /without load) mm/s 26/30
25 Gradient  Max load / unload % 6/10
26 Brake   Electromagnetic brake 
27 battery voltage V/Ah 48/15
28 Battery weight(+/-5%) kg 4.5
29 Driving motor kw 0.8
30 lifting motor kw 0.6
31 Charging time H 2.5

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