HYDER 42ton CounterBalance forklift Truck for Heavy duty work


1. The shape of the whole machine adopts European design, the shape and structure are ergonomic, and the lines are beautiful and smooth.


2. The domestic components are selected from domestic well-known brands, standardized and standard, cost-effective, and reduce after-sales costs


3. Widely used in airports, ports, docks, stations, warehouses, large factories, and mines for loading and unloading, stacking, and handling

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Item    Units FD420
            Features / Rated Load Kg 42000
Load Center mm 1220
Wheelbase mm 5500
 Weight  Weight kg  53000
        Chassis  Tire Specs:Front   18.00-25
 Tire Specs:Rear   16.00-25
/X- Tires Qty,front/rear(X-dreve wheels)   4/2
 Wheel tread:Front mm 2480
 Wheel tread:Rear mm 2880
  Dimensions // Mast/carriage tilt angle(front/rear) Degree(°) 6/12
 Mast height(fork lowering) mm 5040
 Mast lifting height mm 4000
 Max.height mm 7040
height to head guard(height to cab) mm 3890
Overall heightwith forks)                                       mm 10770
 Fork front verticaal sueface to the rear end of the vehicle  mm 8170
 Overall width mm 3600
 Fork dimension mm 2600*320*130
 Fork carriage width mm 3160
  Mast min ground(with load) mm 350
   Wheelbase center min ground(with load) mm 480
 Min.turning Radius mm 7730
/Travel speed(with load/without load) km/h 22/26
Performance /Max.lifting speed(with load/without load) mm/s 220/260
 tractionn KN 240
/gradeability(with load/without load) % 20/20
 Driving brake   Hydraulic clamp disvc
       Engine / Engine brand/model option 1 WeiChai Engine
Option 2 WP12G375E350
 Rated Output 276(Kw)
 Cylinder No 6
               Others /Transmission gears(Front/rear)   4/4

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