HYDER 1500kgs Full Electric Self Loading Stacker


1. Model : HSLF1500

2. Max load capacity: 1500kg

3. Lifting height:1300mm and 1600mm

4. Type of operation: electric in driving and lifting

5. Battery:  48V 30Ah Lithium 

6. Charging time:  5hours

7. Working time : 35work cycles (load/unload to/from truck with cargo+60m driving distance we called 1 work cycle)

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Why do We suggest Full Electric Self lifting Stacker HSLF1500?


>HSLF1000 helps address delivery issues by turning a two-person job into one and reducing your workforce needs.


> Reduces employee fatigue, workplace injuries, and employee turnover; improves delivery efficiency. Simply control it's forward and backward by scrolls. Self-propelled machine is more convenient


> Replaces liftgates, ramps, hoists & conventional pallet jacks


> Unlike forklifts, HSLS & HSLF series can go into the delivery truck, protected from the elements


> Battery powered; charges en route or at your facility


> Can be operated by anyone, expanding your potential delivery workforce.  The HSLF model is easier for women workers.