HYDER CPD50Z Lithium Battery Forklift Truck 5ton


Introducing the HYDER CPD Z Series 5-ton lithium battery electric forklift (Model: CPD50Z) with a load capacity of 5000kg and lifting height of 3m. This powerful forklift, equipped with a 153.6V 480AH lithium battery, offers efficiency and reliability for your material handling needs.

10) Weight: 6800kg

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The HYDER CPD Z Series 5-ton lithium battery forklift, designed for heavy-duty operations, is the perfect solution for demanding material handling tasks. With its impressive load capacity and advanced lithium battery technology, it delivers exceptional performance.

Key Features:

  1. High Load Capacity: With a load capacity of 5000kg, the CPD50Z ensures efficient handling of heavy loads, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  2. Advanced Lithium Battery: The forklift is powered by a 153.6V 480AH lithium battery, providing reliable and consistent power for extended operation.

  3. Quick Charging: The included 144V 150A charger allows for fast charging, with a charging time of just 3 hours, ensuring minimal downtime.

  4. Extended Operation Time: With a working time of 4-5 hours on a full charge, this forklift is designed for continuous operation, enhancing productivity.

  5. Durable Pneumatic Tyres: The forklift is equipped with pneumatic tyres, ensuring stability and maneuverability even in challenging environments.

  6. Compact Design: With dimensions of 275012302110mm, this forklift is designed to navigate through narrow aisles and tight spaces with ease.

  7. Robust Construction: Weighing 6800kg, the CPD50Z is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Customize the battery capacity to meet your specific operational needs. Elevate your material handling capabilities with the HYDER CPD Z Series 5-ton lithium battery electric forklift. Contact us today for tailored solutions.

Model     CPD50Z
Driving mode     Seated
Rated capacity Q Kg 5000
Load center distance C Mm 500
Power mode     Lithium battery
Wheelbase L1 Mm 2150
Tyre type     Pneumatic
Wheels number(front/rear)     2/2
Front track W3 Mm 1180
Rear track W2 Mm 1190
Tyre(front)     300-15
Tyre(rear)     7.00-12
Front overhang L2 Mm 585
Tilt of the mast, front/rear /   6-12
Height, mast retraction H1 Mm 2330
Free lift height H3 Mm 150
Overall maximum lift height H Mm 3000
Height, mast extended H2 Mm 4265
Overhead guard height H4 Mm 2330
Lateral fork adjustment(outside of forks)max/min W5 Mm  
Fork size(lxwxt) T*w*l4 Mm 55*150*1220
Truck body length(fork excluded) L Mm 3130
Truck body width W1 Mm 1400
Turning radius R Mm 3000
Ground clearance under mast, with load H5 Mm 170
Ground clearance at center of wheelbase, with load  (forks lowered) H6 Mm 160
Minimum right angle width   Mm 2750
Width of aisle right-angle stacking(pallet1000x1000mm clearance 200mm) Ast Mm  
Width of aisle right-angle stacking(pallet1200x1200mm clearance 200mm) Ast Mm  
Travel speed, load/unload   Km/h 12/15
Lifting speed, load/unload   Mm/s 280/320
Lowering speed, load/unload   Mm/s 400/350
Gradeability, with / without load   % 13/15
Service mass(with battery)   Kg 6800
Battery voltage /nominal capacity   V/ah 153.6v/280ah
Battery weight   Kg 500
Electrical configuration      
Drive motor power-60 minutes   Kw 23.1
Lift motor  power-15 minutes   Kw 22.6
Drive motor controlling mode     Mosfet/ac
Lifting motor controlling mode     Mosfet/ac
Service brake/parking brake     Hydraulic/mechanical

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