HYDER CPD XS Series Lithium Battery Electric Forklifts 3ton


The HYDER CPD XS series 3TON electric forklifts stand as industry leaders with their exceptional performance and environmentally conscious features. We employ top-quality lithium battery technology to provide reliable power for sustained operations while reducing energy consumption.

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Key Features:

  1. Efficient Lithium Battery: Utilizing high-grade lithium batteries, these forklifts offer efficient and reliable battery performance, providing stable power for continuous operations.

  2. Versatile Functionality: With load capacities ranging from 1.5 tons to 3.5 tons, they adapt to various load-bearing requirements. Lifting heights from 3m to 6m accommodate diverse material handling scenarios.

  3. Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient: Lithium battery technology not only contributes to environmental conservation but also boasts high energy efficiency, extending battery lifespan and reducing energy consumption.

  4. Advanced Safety Measures: Equipped with emergency switches, electronic, and hydraulic overload protection, these forklifts prioritize operator safety.

  5. User-Friendly Design: Featuring a comfortable operating interface, adjustable seating, and controls, they provide operators with the best possible working experience.

Choose the HYDER CPD XS series lithium battery electric forklifts for a more efficient and eco-friendly material handling operation. Contact us today to explore more customized solutions.


Model CPD30-XS
Power source Lithium battery
Operator type Seated
Load capacity 3000
Load center distance 500
Wheelbase 1750
Truck weight(with battery) 4500
Axle loading with maximum load, front / rear 6695/805
Axle loading without load, front / rear 2020/2480
Tyres Pneumatic/pneumatic
Track width( Centre of tyre), front 1006
Track width( Centre of tyre), rear 986
Tyre dimension(front) 28*9-15-14pr
Tyre dimension (rear) 18*7-8
Mast Tilt, Forwards/backwards 6/10
Height with mast lowered 2070
Lifting height  
Height with mast raised 4217
Free lift 155
Height to top of overhead guard 2180
Seat height 1204
Fork size (l*w*t) 45*122*1070
Overall length(fork excluded) 2545
Overall width 1250
Ground clearance under mast, with load 130
Ground clearance at center of wheelbase, with load  (forks lowered) 135
Working aisle width with 1000 x1200 mm pallets, crosswise 3897
Working aisle width with 800 x1200 mm pallets, lengthwise 4097
Travel speed, load/ unload 14/14
Lifting speed, load/ unload 0.31/0.43
Lowering speed, laden/unload 0.47/0.5
Maximum drawbar pull, with / without load 14000
Acceleration time(10m) with / without load 6.2/5.8
Service brakes mechanical / hydraulic
Gradeability, with / without load 15/20
Battery voltage /nominal capacity 80/206
Battery weight 330
Drive motor power s2-60 minutes 12
Lift motor  power, S3-15 minutes 12


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