Steel Types in Forklift Masts: C Type vs. H Type Steel

The Ultimate Guide to Steel Types in Forklift Masts: C Type vs. H Type Steel

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the pivotal role of steel in forklift mast construction. In this exploration, we unravel the nuances between C type and H type steel, two stalwarts shaping the backbone of material handling equipment. Delve into the distinct properties and advantages of each steel variant, from the versatility of C type to the unparalleled rigidity of H type. With a focus on optimizing performance and safety, we navigate the diverse applications of these steel types, offering insights to elevate your understanding and decision-making process in forklift fleet management. Let's embark on a journey to unlock the potential of steel in material handling innovation.

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Maintaining of Electric Pallet Truck

Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Pallet Truck

Electric pallet trucks are widely used inside small ,medium big warehouse and logistic centers which greatly improve material handling efficiency and productivity. The quality itself is very important while daily maintaining work is also very important.Following is some tips for maintaining your electric pallet truck and hope it's helpful to you.

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The Use of lithium Battery Gist

The Use of lithium Forklift Battery Gist

Experts predict that it will not be more than 5 years, forklift power will rarely see the internal combustion engine, lead acid battery due to its attenuation, maintenance and other reasons, will eventually withdraw from the stage of forklift supporting. Lithium iron phosphate battery with its high energy density, reliable, durable, affordable advantages, will become the first choice for forklift power. Lithium-ion batteries last 4,000 cycles; Requires less maintenance; Short and opportunity charging; Small size, light weight, high energy density; Safe and reliable use; No pollution;Low noise Lithium battery's life cycle more than 10 years; No maintenance required; Usage costs are only 10% of diesel forklift;

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Forklift maintenance

How Basic Forklift Maintenance Improves Performance

Forklifts are rugged machines built to perform well under tough conditions, but they still need occasional TLC. Regular maintenance will improve performance and can prolong the economic life of your forklift.

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