What difference between fully electric and semi electric ?

2022-02-15 | Forklift List

Since 2021, Hyder has gradually upgrade its self lifting stacker  series products  to bigger capacity and fully electric model. 

Currently there are 4basic models available as below:

  • Semi electric 500kg self lifting stacker- HSLS500;
  • Fully electric 500kg self lifting stacker -HSLF500;
  • Semi Electric 1000kg self lifting stacker-HSLS1000;
  • Fully electric 1000kg self lifting stacker-HSLS1000.

All models could have 3 lifting heights for your specific delivery truck:

  • 800mm lifting height: for wagon and small trucks;
  • 1000mm lifting height: for middle-sized lorry and van;
  • 1300mm lifting height: for lorry and logistic trucks.


What are the differences between a full electric stacker and a semi-electric stacker?

  1.  The handlebar:  The fully electric model is with rema handle and electric scrolls to control it's moving forward and backward; While the semi-electric one only with a handle that workers can push and pull the truck.
  2.  The battery: There is a lead-acid battery for a semi-electric one.  It would always be lithium battery for full-electric self lifting stacker;
  3. Inside motor. There are two motor units inside the full electric self lifting stacker,  while only one pump unit for semi electric one;
  4.  Fully electric model has a big drive wheel in the middle of truck for easily moving. 
  5.  Normally fully electric model is a little heavier than semi electric models. 

Welcome Hyder team to explore the best stackers for your business!

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