Portable Self Loading Forklift --One machine to save more cost

2021-11-19 | Forklift List

This HSLS500 is the semi electric powered pallet stacker, specially designed for logistics delivery use. 

What are the differences  of this self lifting stacker?

HSLS500 Self loading stacker

With max load capacity of 500kg , workable for most pallets.  There are 3 height available 800mm, 1000mm and 1300mm. 

Workable for  cargo van, box truck and lorry.  You can measure your truck size as below:

self loading pallet stacker truck

A>1180mm; B>1.2M, C> 800MM

1. This forklift can be used as pallet truck .

2. This model can lift pallet up to 800mm-1300mm , used to stacking for some pallets;

3. With self lifting function, it can climb onto truck by it self. You will not need lifting any heavy cargo at all.

4. The battery integrated is lead acid battery , which can work for 20times after being fully charged;

5.   Optional lithium battery for longer working time and longer lifespan.

Advantages for  this self loading stacker/

  1. Make more deliveries per day:  With electric powered, it will take less time to loading and unloading.  This is more competitive to deliver more  with less cost. 
  2. Add new delivery routes for increased revenue & profitability: Time is money, saving more time, earn more profits.
  3. Take care of your workers safety and health: No more heavy lifting, no more back injuries, no more strainless work. Happy workers, happy business.  
  4. Complete vehicle independence: Multi functional usage, can  replaces liftgates, ramps, hoists & conventional pallet jacks;
  5. Save labor cost, One driver can handle deliveries up to 2200 lbs. Hire a model only costs maybe 1-month salary of a worker but can serve for years!


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