Pallet Trucks & Jacks- Chose right pallet trucks for your business

2022-03-21 | Company News

The first choice is to start from the low height of the hydraulic pallet truck. The height of the pallet in the national standard is generally raised to 185mm. Various manufacturers of the national standard manual hydraulic pallet truck have also achieved low and low heights. Generally, when the hydraulic truck is placed at the low point, the height is 85mm and 75mm. The height of the fork of the manual hydraulic truck from the ground can reach 51mm, and some even 35mm, which is a special requirement. Low-release manual hydraulic truck: low cost, relatively low cost, high efficiency, fast automatic lifting, easy operation, etc. It is widely used in supermarkets, workshops, airports, logistics warehouses, warehouses, etc. .

Secondly, check how much the width of the fork of the truck is appropriate. The key judgment is to see the size of the pallet you use. Under normal circumstances, the standard sizes of manual hydraulic trucks are divided into two types: one, wide truck 680*1220; two, narrow truck 550*1150, which type of truck is suitable for you, depends on the size of the existing pallet to decide.


Once again the hydraulic cylinder process. At present, there are two types of hydraulic cylinders used by all manual forklift companies, one is an integrated casting cylinder, and the other is a welded cylinder. Of course both have their own advantages. However, in terms of technology, the manufacturers are different, and the quality is likely to have a huge gap.

1. Wheel material configuration. Generally, the wheel material can be divided into polyurethane and nylon. This needs to be selected according to the different selection of the site to use the wheel of that material. The ground is better, and the ground is relatively smooth, you can use polyurethane wheels to pull and save labor. If the ground is not very good, and it is cement or asphalt road, or even worse road conditions, then choose nylon wheels, one is light to pull up, and two, the rotation is flexible and has a certain degree of wear resistance. Besides, the general hydraulic car is not the above two-wheel materials. There are other configuration materials, such as polyurethane-coated nylon, aluminum alloy-coated plastic, bakelite wheels and so on.

2. The thickness of the fork steel plate material is generally better than that of the 3.0-ton manual pallet truck, which uses a steel plate with a thickness of 4mm, while the thickness of the steel plate and the paint thickness are less than 4mm, or only 3.5mm. Some of them can only reach 3mm, which is the standard of 2 tons of manual trucks. Therefore, friends who purchase must pay attention to this matter to prevent the manufacturer from cutting corners in exchange for the price advantage, which is also very irresponsible to consumers. Such a truck is also very prone to failure in subsequent use. And there will be problems in the after-sales service in the future.


3. Deadweight tonnage, generally speaking, the national standard manual pallet truck has four kinds of deadweight: 2.0t-2.5t-3.0t-5.0t. However, according to the segmentation of market demand, the manual hydraulic trucks manufactured by some manufacturers also have 6 types of load capacity: 1.5T, 2.0T, 2.5T, 3.0T, 4.0T, and 5.0T, which gives the market more choices. It also covers the operation requirements of low, medium and high tonnage. Customers can solve the use of electric hydraulic trucks according to their actual needs.

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