How Basic Forklift Maintenance Improves Performance

2022-06-21 | Forklift Guides

Forklifts are rugged machines built to perform well under tough conditions, but they still need occasional TLC. Regular maintenance will improve performance and can prolong the economic life of your forklift.


Change the Oil- For internal combustion engine forklifts, most manufacturers recommend changing the oil every three months or 150-200 hours (whichever comes first). If you don't change the oil, the sludge builds up in the engine and performance gradually declines.

Check Fluids and Lubricate Moving Parts - Keep an eye on your forklift’s hydraulic fluid and oil levels, and ensure all moving parts are well-greased. Replace bearings when needed.

Check Tire Pressure - Under-inflated tires waste fuel and reduce traction. Check tire pressure weekly to maximize performance and prevent accidents.

Visually Inspect Brake Shoes - Because forklift brakes can last 5,000 hours or more. But, if operators ride the brake or accidentally drive with the parking brake on, that can drastically shorten the life of your forklift's brakes..

Battery Maintenance - If your electric forklift has a standard lead-acid battery, regular watering and cleaning will help maximize its life.  so, it’s important operators only recharge at the end of a shift, or when the battery has discharged down to 30 percent.

Daily checklists cover, or partially cover, many of the tips above. The best way to avoid expensive repairs is to have your forklift inspected regularly by a certified forklift mechanic.


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