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DC Brushless 0.8KW Driving Motor,1500kg/2000kg,Fork Size:550/685*1150/1220mm Hyder is a 15-year forklifts and pallet trucks supplier in China, with wide range pallet trucks solutions including but not limited to electric pallet trucks, rough terrain pallet trucks and OEM pallet truck types.


HYDER Lithium Electric Pallet Trucks

In today's evolving industrial landscape, semi electric pallet trucks are crucial for efficient material handling, reducing worker strain and boosting productivity. Introducing the Hyder EPT Electric Pallet Truck, engineered to streamline operations with its compact design and swift battery removal. With a five-year chassis warranty and impressive gradeability, it ensures durability and versatility. Equipped with a safety brake system and optional quick lifting pump, Hyder EPT enhances efficiency and safety, empowering your workforce to handle bulky loads with ease. Experience the future of material handling with Hyder EPT Electric Pallet Truck.

Why Choosing Us

Unrivaled Expertise

Benefit from decades of industry experience. Our seasoned team brings over 30 years of expertise in designing, engineering, and manufacturing electric pallet trucks.

Customization Capabilities

Tailor electric pallet trucks to your exact specifications. We offer extensive customization options, including custom fork lengths, specialized attachments, and ergonomic features, with over 90% of our products being customized to meet specific customer needs.

Responsive Customer Support

Our dedicated support team boasts a 98% satisfaction rating and is available 24/7 to address your questions, provide assistance, or schedule maintenance and service.

Global Reach

Access our products and support worldwide. With distribution centers strategically located across 20 countries, we serve customers in over 50 countries, delivering exceptional products and support wherever your operations take you.

Quality Assurance

est assured with our stringent quality assurance processes. Each electric pallet truck undergoes rigorous testing, including 100% inspection before leaving our facility, resulting in a less than 0.5% defect rate.

Proven Track Record

Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust us as their preferred electric pallet truck manufacturer. With over 500,000 units sold globally and a customer retention rate of 95%, our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Customer Testimonials


John Smith

“The Hyder EPT Electric Pallet Truck has been a game-changer for our warehouse operations. Its compact design and swift battery removal feature have significantly boosted our efficiency. Plus, the five-year chassis warranty gives us peace of mind. Highly recommended!”

Operations Supervisor

Customers From Italy

Sarah Reynolds

We've been using the Hyder EPT Electric Pallet Truck for a few months now, and it has exceeded our expectations. The safety brake system and maneuverability in tight spaces have made our material handling processes smoother than ever. A must-have for any warehouse!

Warehouse Manager


Michael Johnson

Having operated various pallet trucks, I can confidently say that the Hyder EPT Electric Pallet Truck stands out from the rest. The upright driving position and ease of maintenance make my job much easier. It's a fantastic addition to our equipment fleet

Forklift Operator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Electric Pallet Trucks

Q: How long is the warranty period for your electric pallet trucks?

The warranty period for our electric pallet trucks typically ranges from one years. Extended warranty options may also be available for added peace of mind.

Q:Do you offer aftersales support and maintenance services for electric pallet trucks?

Yes, we provide comprehensive aftersales support and maintenance services to ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of your electric pallet truck. Our experienced technicians are available to assist with troubleshooting, repairs, and routine maintenance tasks.

Q:What is the average lifespan of an electric pallet truck?

The lifespan of an electric pallet truck can vary depending on factors such as usage frequency, maintenance practices, and operating conditions. However, with proper care and maintenance, electric pallet trucks can typically last several years in a demanding industrial environment.Hyder EPT Series with Lithium battery always can last for over 3 years.

What are some essential spare parts I should keep on hand for my electric pallet truck?

Essential spare parts for electric pallet trucks may include items such as replacement batteries, hydraulic pump seals, wheels, forks, and electrical components like switches and fuses.

Are spare parts readily available, or will there be lead times for ordering?

We strive to maintain a comprehensive inventory of spare parts to minimize lead times and ensure prompt fulfillment of orders,normally 7-days to deliver out. However, availability may vary depending on factors such as demand and production schedules.

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